Zimmer Biomet Microfixation is a global medical device company specializing in the design and manufacturing of state of the art, clinically proven products. ZB Microfixation is an innovative leader in creating real solutions in the areas of craniomaxillofacial, neuro and thoracic implants.  Whether that solution requires a minimally-invasive surgical technique, advanced biomaterials, or a patient-matched implant, Zimmer Biomet's technologies are enhancing and changing the quality of patients' lives today and in the future.

Zimmer Biomet Microfixation is on the cutting edge with... 

...innovative products for complex craniomaxillofacial and thoracic procedures.

SternaLock® Blu Sternal Closure Plating














Craniomaxillofacial Products














Sophysa is the 1st MRI-stable adjustable valve.  Sophysa is the largest European shunt manufacturer for hydrocephalus treatment. With its great experience in the development of micro-mechanisms and implantable materials, Sophysa markets technically advanced solutions to serve the needs of healthcare providers and patients in three areas:Neurosurgery,Intensive Care Unit, Chemotherapy.